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Hampi Overview
Karnataka State, of which Hampi belongs to, is one of the richest of the south Indian states in terms of its heritage 

Thanks to its many hundreds of years of history & heritage the state's tourist map includes old capitals, forts, palaces, monuments and more. Also Karnataka is home to many wildlife sanctuaries, waterfalls and mountains. 

You can access these places directly or via transit towns from Hampi by road, rail or air. 
Kannada is the state language. The majority of the population in this region speaks Kannada. Urdu & Telugu too make its appearances infrequently. So is the national language Hindi. 

However the tourist driven local enterprises are somewhat multilingual. Even though everyone may not be fluent in usage, English is a sort of official language of interaction. And it is not notable for foreign language guides other than the English speaking ones. Nevertheless there are some odd exceptions. It’s not very difficult for you to manage the whole Hampi affairs in Hindi or English, if you don’t have command over the local language. 
Hampi’s climate is generally dry & hot. March to early June is the summer. Monsoon brings some wet weather that typically lasts from late June to early August. The colder period of the year is from November to February. 
And most of the Hampi’s eateries are concentrated around the Hampi Bazaar. Typical south Indian vegetarian food is the order of the town. That includes Idli & Dosa for the breakfast and the Tali meals for lunch. It’s not very difficult to spot eating joints sell western themes like pancake & likes. A large number of guesthouses in Hampi is attached with some type of restaurants. 
Hampi has a set of annual festivals. Some are religious festivals associated with the temples. The others are cultural festivals. Many of them usually attract huge crowds. Generally the dates not fixed. Every year the exact dates and schedules of the programs are made public. The most popular are listed.
  • Hampi Festival -November :
    This is the largest festival at Hampi. Generally they are scheduled for 3 days during the first week of November. The celebrations typically packed with shows of music, dance puppet shows fireworks and a pomp procession as the grand finale showcasing the cultural richness of the place.

  • Purandaradasa Aradhana -January/February :
    The festival is held every year to commemorate the birthday of the ancient poet Purandaradasa who lived in Hampi.

  • Virupaksha Car Festival -March/April :
    this is the largest religious festival in Hampi. The highlight is the procession along the main chariot street in Hampi. The image of the god & goddess is kept of the temple car (the giant wooden chariot) which is the centre of the procession.

  • Sivaratri -February/March :
    This is a special festival earmarked for all Siva Temples in general. This nightlong religious offering is held at Virupaksha Temple.
Hampi is a bouldering paradise. The practically endless trails of boulder hills give a range of options based on your level. Thought it is not primarily known for climbing, Hampi has a number of places where the bouldering folks camp. There are even some guesthouses who rent out the basic gadgets.